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Sun and Fire!

Monday, August 4, 2014 @ 12:08 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy


This year (yes we have started our new homeschool year) Daniel wanted to learn about space. Daniel is very much a kid who knows what he wants to learn for science and so we encourage that by providing him with the tools needed. (Last year it was the Titanic and snakes and in fact snakes are still very much on the agenda but Titanic is over.) We purchased the Apologia Exploring Creation curriculum for him. Recently he has been studying the sun and so today it was time for an experiment with Daddy to learn how to make fire with a magnifying glass! Great excitement but also a warning from Mom and Dad to never do this without adult supervision! It is very dry here right now and we certainly do not want to start a wildfire!


Boys being boys, Daniel and Caleb are now out experimenting whilst Hannah has seen enough and is back inside! As Richard says, this experiment is also a good survival skill. It is a little smokey out there!

I should also point out that it is important to wear sunglasses doing this as the concentration of the sun is very bright and could damage the eye.

I am the first to admit that science is not my strong point. Yes I can read the text from a book and explain basic things to the children but that is as far as my ability goes. Richard, on the other hand, LOVES science and is really good at explaining the workings etc. We are so blessed that we compliment each other in this way in the homeschooling of the children. What’s your weakness? As a homeschooling mom/dad don’t be afraid of getting your other half involved. If you are both weak in a particular subject seek out help from an online class or someone in your community.


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