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CVC Matching Puzzle Cards

Monday, October 20, 2014 @ 09:10 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy

Do you have a child who is just starting to learn to read? We do! Caleb (4) knows all his letters now and so it is time to go to the next step of learning the sounds and putting them together. Not sure about you, but it has been our experience that boys tend to be more lackadaisical when it comes to learning to read than girls. They simply do not want to make the effort it takes so when I found these CVC Puzzle Cards over at  Mama’s Learning Corner I was very excited. By printing them out on bright colored paper they immediately strike interest.


What are CVC words? They are consonant, vowel, consonant words that are spelled our phonetically. For e.g C-A-T.

Yes, they take a little time to make if you laminate them like I did but I highly recommend doing this especially if you have younger children coming along behind. These will get used over and over again and once laminated should last for a LONG time. I always put mine through the laminator two times. three if not sealed. I cut out the words and put them through as a whole sheet of laminate first. Then I cut them out around the laminate, separate them and put each half through again. This way you are ensured that the laminate has sealed and so will be harder to peel.

Another adVENTURE of FREE, fun learning :)


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