Alphabet Rocks

Saturday, June 22, 2013 @ 08:06 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy

Richard & I homeschool the kids all year round enabling us to take breaks when we want to, to fit in with our schedule. This means that for most of the summer we will be homeschooling as usual. This method works well for us & the children as although they like to take a day off now & then or in the case of the trip to England, a month, they also like the routine of ‘doing’ school.


I am constantly on the lookout for different ideas that involve no or very little cost. This week we made Alphabet Rocks from an idea from who have joined with PBS Kids to create 10 weeks of DIY Summer Reading Camp. (This idea was from Week 3.) A fun project for all ages which can be easily adapted for older kids who could maybe use larger rocks to create a pictures starting with a letter from the Alphabet. For ours though it was enough of a challenge to send them out to collect 26 rocks & paint them solid colors one day & then paint the alphabet in white on them the next day.

Daniel’s creations are above & these are Hannah’s:


One tip I learned: Don’t use yellow paint as one of the base colors as the white letters do not show up very well! Dark colors are much better 🙂

Of course Caleb was not going to be left out so he painted four bigger rocks that he had collected & the next day I painted his name on one.



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