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Crafty Black Ants

Friday, July 5, 2013 @ 03:07 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy


This great Ant craft originated from an idea over at Activity Village. However I wanted to make it a little more realistic so added some extra features.

Supplies needed:

1 Dolly/Old Fashioned Clothes Pin/Peg

2 12″ Black Fuzzy Sticks / Pipe Cleaners

3 small cotton wool balls / 2 large cotton wool balls

Black Paint

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Stick

Due to the use of the Hot Glue Gun for this project please ensure your children/grandchildren are well supervised so that no burns occur.

  1. Paint the peg black the day before you complete this project. (I actually painted the ones for the kids to make my life easier!)
  2. Divide one Fuzzy Stick /Pipe Cleaner into 3 mini sticks, each 4″ long.
  3. Slide up the inside of the peg & shape into legs, remembering the knee joints & feet. (An ants legs are all on its Thorax so ensure that the legs are pushed all the way up.)
  4. Hot Glue in place.
  5. Bend off a 4″ piece of Fuzzy Stick/ Pipe Cleaner from your second 12″ length. Bend it slightly in the middle & hot glue to top of ant’s head. These are the antennae.
  6. For the Mandibles break off a 6″ piece of Fuzzy Stick / Pipe Cleaner, fold in center & then trip it over to make it thicker. Attach these with the hot glue to the underneath part of the ant’s head.
  7. Unroll three small cotton wool balls.
  8. Put hot glue on the rear end of the peg & wrap the first piece around. Apply glue to the now stuck on cotton wool ball & wrap the second piece around. Repeat for the third piece. Shape it as best you can to look an Ant’s Abdomen!
  9. Paint the abdomen with black paint & allow to dry.

Ants have compound eyes, thousands of lenses so your older children may want to create some tiny eyes to add to the ant. Younger children are going to be just as impressed with their creation without eyes!

Happy crafting,


Pic Instruction 1:


Pic Instruction 2:


Pic Instruction 3-4:


Pic Instruction 5-6:


Pic Instruction 7:


Pic Instruction 8:



Learning About Scorpions

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 @ 10:06 AM
posted by Liz Pomeroy

Going through the book The History of Insects which is FREE to download/print at Gutenberg today we have been learning about Scorpions. With a great book from the library ‘Scorpions in the Dark by Doreen Gonzales’ & a couple of free printables we have all become a little more educated 🙂


I am not the world’s best artist but always create alongside the children so as to encourage them to do their best. With a FREE Sample: How to Draw a Scorpion from Dover Publications we all did our best in drawing.


My attempt:


This was not an easy project for the children but they persevered & I was very proud of their results.


In fact I laminated them for them so that their hard work did not get destroyed. (There is always someone around here with a pair of scissors cutting up paper – i.e Hannah and/or Caleb! Hannah started ‘attacking’ hers before I even knew what was happening!)


As you can see, our drawings were followed by a Coloring Page of a Scorpion from I researched several coloring pages but liked this one best as the drawing is so vivid & some of the markings already colored in black making for a much better end result.

Another adVENTURE of FREE, fun learning 🙂


Alphabet Rocks

Saturday, June 22, 2013 @ 08:06 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy

Richard & I homeschool the kids all year round enabling us to take breaks when we want to, to fit in with our schedule. This means that for most of the summer we will be homeschooling as usual. This method works well for us & the children as although they like to take a day off now & then or in the case of the trip to England, a month, they also like the routine of ‘doing’ school.


I am constantly on the lookout for different ideas that involve no or very little cost. This week we made Alphabet Rocks from an idea from who have joined with PBS Kids to create 10 weeks of DIY Summer Reading Camp. (This idea was from Week 3.) A fun project for all ages which can be easily adapted for older kids who could maybe use larger rocks to create a pictures starting with a letter from the Alphabet. For ours though it was enough of a challenge to send them out to collect 26 rocks & paint them solid colors one day & then paint the alphabet in white on them the next day.

Daniel’s creations are above & these are Hannah’s:


One tip I learned: Don’t use yellow paint as one of the base colors as the white letters do not show up very well! Dark colors are much better 🙂

Of course Caleb was not going to be left out so he painted four bigger rocks that he had collected & the next day I painted his name on one.



Until this morning I had never heard of Kirigami! Maybe I am in the minority on this or maybe I am not? What I discovered was a great craft to incorprate into our homeschool. Dover Publications have recently published a new book Kid.agami – Sea Life & on their website you can print off two free samples:



Clam Shells


Daniel & Hannah cut out the patterns themselves & then I scored the fold lines for them before they glued them.

Not homeschoolers? No worries! This is a great craft for all kids & grandkids especially now the summer hols are here. One recommendation – print out on cardstock.

Happy crafting!