Ever feel like pulling your hair out?!

Saturday, March 29, 2014 @ 03:03 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy


Maybe you get the impression that our homeschool is perfect and that every morning sees the children sat doing their school work in an orderly fashion. Let me burst your illusion fast! Nothing could be further from the truth! Yes there are days when schooling goes really well and we get a lot accomplished but there are many days when quite the opposite happens!

Take this week for example. I have learned that it is important to do math first. This way the kids are fresh. So, with Hannah having finished her math she was moving on to a new workbook I had just printed out for her on animals. She did the first couple pages with no problem and then started on a word-search puzzle. Nothing complicated. Yes the words went backwards, forwards and diagonal but she had done them before and this was designed for her level.

8+ hours later she had still not completed the puzzle. No, that is NOT a typo – EIGHT HOURS! She threw hissy fits, the full works. At one point I started to feel a little guilty and thought maybe there was an error and the words she said she could not find were not there. I took the puzzle and checked it for myself. No, they were all there. After about 4 hours she had 4 words left to find so I showed her beside each word which direction each word went. By 7 pm Richard told her that if she had not found the last two words before Caleb got out the bath she would start it all over again the next morning.

Guess what? We started all over again on Friday morning! She still carried on but finally got it done after 4 hours. It was not difficult, she had just decided that she could not and would not do it.

So be encouraged. When you have a rough day, remember you are not alone and persevere!


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