FREE Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages for Circle C Beginnings (Chapter Books)

Friday, May 16, 2014 @ 02:05 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy


I promised you yesterday I would share the Circle C Beginnings Andi books with you by Susan K. Marlow. I discovered these books earlier this week and although we are only two thirds of the way through the first one, I am liking what I am reading and the kids are enjoying them as well. Although this set of books is primarily for Hannah, all the kids are listening to the story whilst only Hannah is completing the worksheets. They are set in the 1870’s.

For this set of 6 books there are:

Although suggested for children 6-9 and Hannah could read these by herself, we are reading them aloud so the whole family can benefit. The first book starts off with Andi wanting a horse of her own and not her pony, Coco. She is soon going to be 6 and thinks she is now big enough. Of course her mother knows Andi is not ready for a big horse because she does not care for Coco very well nor is she tall enough.

We then find Andi heading out to collect the eggs with strict instructions not to break them. What happens? Henry the Eighth, the big mean rooster, chases her! Uh Oh! Our kids were in hysterics!

Susan Marlow has written an older Andi series about Andi when she is 12 years old suggested for 9-14 year olds. These books have FREE Unit Studies to accompany them.


This find is an absolute gem – a true blessing. I have downloaded all the studies so that we have them when we are ready to use them.

Hope you can get to enjoy them also with your family,


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