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Saturday, August 3, 2013 @ 03:08 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy

We arrived home Wednesday afternoon. I have to say it feels a little strange to be back in a big house after the camper! It was amazing how fast the kids managed to throw their toys everywhere here!

I had left my desk in a bit of a mess. It tends to be the dumping ground so on Thursday I decided it was time to be ruthless & really get it tidied. Took me most of the day. As well as tidying I needed to go through all the kids schoolwork & put a pile together of all the work we need to get finished before the start of the new school year (approx. Sept 1st). Of course it is not that imperative that we finish up all the odds & ends but it makes it much easier on my record keeping. I use Excel to keep a record of all the work that each child does, books we read etc – one spreadsheet per child which is dated with the school year & has columns for each subject. When I start a new one it is much easier if I don’t have to copy over a part finished book to the next year. (The books they started halfway through the year will not be finished but that is OK as long as what can be finished is finished.) So with all that sorted & a pile of not needed paperwork discarded (a whole white trash bag full!) my desk is now looking reasonably good & you can see the wood grain again! LOL!



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