Jesse Bear Lapbook for Preschoolers

Friday, November 8, 2013 @ 08:11 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy


The first Lapbook Caleb completed was written for the book Jesse Bear by Nancy Carlstrom. Caleb absolutely loved doing it & still takes it out most days to play with. The book is about a bear named Jesse who gets up & goes out to play, comes in at noon for his lunch, is excited when his daddy comes home & then enjoys his bath & being snuggled up in his bed at night.

The Lapbook is available FREE on & the book should be available at your local library. We actually ended up purchasing the book as it is definitely a keeper.

I did a lot of preparation beforehand so that we were not wasting Caleb’s precious concentration time on cutting out etc. I laminated both the rhyming words & the lunch plate and food items.


Knowing that the small food items would soon get lost around here I added velcro dots to the back of each piece along with the opposite velcro pieces on the dinner plate. This activity was placed on the back of the folder.


Our favorite component has been the Alphabet Laundry matching game. This has helped Caleb in his letter recognition immensely. The aim is to match up Capital/Upper Case Letters to their Small/Lower Case counterparts. There are socks to be paired up & also some shorts & t-shirts. There is a mistake in one of the letters (I needed to redo the small “t” and “q.”) If you would like my PDF file for the correction please email me. There are too many of these to fit into the Lapbook so we just keep them in a big envelope inside the Lapbook. It goes without saying that I laminated all the “laundry” & it is just as well I did, as Caleb has played & played with them. (Picture below shows only a sample, not all the letters.)


I highly recommend this Lapbook for little ones.

Another adVENTURE of FREE, fun learning :)



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