Our Bargain of the Week!

Friday, August 23, 2013 @ 08:08 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy

When I need some glue for crafts etc I like to use Elmer’s “runny” glue but when the children use it they tend to squeeze the bottle way too hard & we end up with some very soggy paper & an oozy mess. SO we have reverted back to glue sticks for them which are apt to be more expensive as they do not last as long. (A pot of Elmer’s lasts for months.) This week we needed to replenish our stock of glue sticks so when we were in Walmart we headed over to where the seasonal school supplies had been (not the regular supplies aisle). I picked up a couple packets going “Ouch!” at the price when Richard came around the corner saying “Will these work?” He had found some single sticks (Elmer’s) reduced to 10c each! Wow! What an observant hubby 🙂 We now have a good supply for a very reasonable price.



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