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Friday, May 9, 2014 @ 11:05 PM
posted by Liz Pomeroy

‘Tis the season for frogs. The air is alive with their singing both day and night. The kids have been out catching tadpoles and watching them grow, always putting them back in the pond when finished with their playing though. SO when I decided yesterday that today we were going to do something different and do a lapbook, the subject of frogs seemed to be an obvious one.

As I looked in my newly cleaned up and freshly organized PDF files I discovered we had everything we needed. I pulled projects from several different ones to create the lapbooks you see on this page. Daniel and Hannah both did the same ones but although Caleb could do some of the same, being only a preschooler he wasn’t going to do all the writing etc so I printed him off easier worksheets.

All three of the kids work used two file folders each. I did not have time to plan them out last night so this morning when we just made three separate piles of their work as they finished each piece and then when they were out playing I put them together. That way, I had all the pieces and could place them efficiently in the folders.

Daniel’s is the first four pics:


Daniel is a much neater worker than Hannah, hence showing his lapbook!


They all loved the frog catching the fly!


There were actually three insects to choose from but they all chose the fly for some reason and not the butterfly or dragonfly.


This is Caleb’s cover:


We all learned something so definitely a worthwhile study.


There are several pages under that first page on the left for Caleb. I figured this was the best way to store them.


Resources used:

We did not read any books with this study as for one thing, we have read many books on frogs before not to mention that the kids already knew the life cycle etc PLUS the info provided with the above units is pretty detailed. HOWEVER if your child is not that familiar with frogs or you are not close to where you can see ones developing etc I would recommend making use of your library for some great reading resources.

Here are the children playing with some bullfrog tadpoles of which there seems to be more this year than ever before.


Take care and trust you enjoy studying frogs as much as we did!


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