Why Free?

Richard and I are all too aware at how much some homeschool supplies can cost. We realize that some items do need to be paid for. For e.g. we gladly pay for all the logic games that are in our home to stimulate the children’s logic games but when we consider how each game will be used multiple times and for different children that doesn’t actually make them very expensive. Most textbooks are not available from the local library, therefore also needing to be purchased. We do our best to purchase them used so as to save a little money and once again if they are going to be used multiple times, well worth the investment. Some “write-in” textbooks do have permission for you to copy the pages for printing out and using for your family and if this is so, we always scan and save them on our computer before they are used for the first time. This is also a blessing if your child just does not get a concept and after several erasings you really need to print the page again in order for them to start afresh and be able to read what they have written.

With all that out the way there are many, many FREE resources out there that are excellent and when we come across them we pass them onto you. These you will find as links in our blog postings taking you direct to the site where we found them therefore all credit still being given to the original creator/poster.

The downloads that you find on our website have all been created by us. Late 2013 I discovered NotebookingPages.com It revolutionized our homeschooling. Now when we study a subject in depth we create a downloadable file using Notebooking Publisher. I originally create it page by page as sometimes it can take me several days to complete. Once completed and used by us to edit any errors we then combine it into one large PDF file and post it on this blog. Yes we have done all the research for you and believe in being a blessing to others so if you find something you can use please feel free to do so. We just ask that you respect the copyrights and do not sell/give it to anyone else. Please direct other people to our website so they can download it for themselves.

Our trademarked catchphrase is “Another adVENTURE of FREE, fun learning :)

All our websites are created by Richard and hosted by us so we are in full control of what is being loaded onto them. If you have any questions about any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us.


Richard & Liz